Friday, November 26, 2010

I've been working on..


A digital painting of Lano in her finest gear! :D

It's 1920x1080, so click for full size! (EDIT: Looks like blogger has shrunk it to 1600x900 =[ . . If you wanna see the full size version, check it out at my deviantart!)

And let me know what you think :]

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Friday, October 22, 2010

It wasn't quite doin' it for me so. .

I re-make it!

The red outfit has been overhauled, and here it is in all it's glory! . . except for 1) I forgot to tick show cloak so there's no cloak in the shots >.> 2) I am yet to purloin that sexy golden staff so it's not in the screenshots.

This is my new favorite outfit <3 (the cloak makes it.. trust me, I'll be putting another shot or 2 up with the cloak visible when I can be bothered)

Aaaand this bunch of goodness was made with:

 Head - Magister's Crown
 Shoulders - Shoulderpads of Knowledge's Pursuit
 Back - Cape of the Fire Salamander (not pictured D:)
 Chest - Scarlet Sin'dorei Robes
 Waist - Apothecary's Waistband
 Shirt - Dark Silk Shirt
 Gloves - Elegant Gloves (not in screenshots)
 Feet - Infernoweave Boots (also not in screenshots)
 Weapon - Golden Staff of the Sin'dorei (also also not in screenshots D:)

Leave a comment telling me what you think!

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Sunday, October 17, 2010


Hey guys, been having some trouble with my wowmodelviewer.. specifically, IT WONT BLOODY OPEN. I get an error saying my wow client isn't the right one or what have you -_-

If anyone knows how to fix this, or of an alternate program for browsing through outfits, please leave a comment letting me know! Would be much appreciated!

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Request: Something Black

My first request has been from campbellja, specifically "BLACK pl0x" :P

So here's what I've whipped up!

And here's the usual links to the tasty bits:

 Head - Demonfang Ritual Helm
 Shoudler - Illidari Shoulderpads
 Chest - Nether-lace Robe
 Shirt - Ebon Filigreed Shirt
 Gloves - Hands of Darkness
 Weapon - Tempest of Chaos

My next request piece will be an outfit for a level 1 character, asked by zelamonster. I'm looking forward to putting it together :) It'll probably be a couple of days before I get it up, as I imagine I'll be pretty busy with 4.0.1 being up tomorrow :D

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Taking requests!

I'd like to expand my variety of outfits, be it colours/races/themes etc.

So if there's something you'd like to see let me know! And if you'd like I could tailor it to your character!

Comment requests onto this post please :]

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Ohoho! Here we go!

Thought I'd backtrack a bit and do a render of my favorite purple outfit <3

Click on it to see the 1280x1024 version, it's sexy!

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

As promised!

I said I'd try and put up these versions of the outfits every time so here we go!

Something funny happens with the bottom of the robe model, not sure what's causing it yet but i'll look into it soon.

And as always!

Keep Stylish!